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get dolled up
find out what customers are saying about their beauty hauls from my store

"Thanks for my Satin Pillowcases, I've been using them for a couple of months now. My hair is natural and I sleep on the cases and wake up in the morning and my hair looks the same as before I went to sleep. They also keep me cool throughout the night. I Love Them. I Love it Love It"

- Connie, May 2021

"Baby!!! I haven't bought Hair as good as this in years!!! It's the texture and curls for me!!

You got some good A** Hair hunty!!!. - 0923msjackie, Sept. 2021

"Not buying from anyone else...100

- CoCo, July 2020

"I saw you in Shynia head...I like it, it's really soft".. - Toy, August 2020

"I'm supporting small Black owned Businesses. My first one llc. Thanks for the Satin Bonnets of course Destiny loves them. When she saw your lovely package she said "ohhh she is pretty I want her hair. "Y'all check her out." 

- William, Feb.2021

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